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Winter 08

Well I guess it has been a year since my last update. Same on me!

I can see from the comments that there are others like me out there that feel the same way about the Corsair. I especially like the comments from crew and drivers. I will outline sort of where the project is and where my next steps are.

First off I have recently joined the Board of Directors for the Mid American Aviation and Transportation Museum here in Sioux City. We are very close to starting construction on the new building. We have some really cool plans and it will be a fun organization to be affiliated with.

There is an A-7K that we have access to and I plan on finalizing the red tape to get her under our care. Also there are several Delta models that are displayed around Siouxland that I would love to get our hands on to restore and show.

There is a comment from a pilot from the 185th that flew the Corsair and then the Falcon soon after. Everyone that I have connected with that was affiliated with the 185th has been first class! Even now that they are KC-135R drivers they are all willing to provide help to preserve the history of the ANG.

Several Corsair drivers are also on the Museum staff and it is a pleasure to talk to them and get the nuances of the A-7 such as the speed brake (barn door), the weird stall characteristics, and the forgiving nature of the beast. Except for the poor fool that gets to close to the intake. 

Recently I was given a scrap book of one of the pilots from their deployment to Brustem BAF in Belgium. It shows what goes on behind the scenes and what the base looked like back then.

I am rebuilding Brustem AFB in X-Plane to be used as my staging area for my simulator so this is invaluable for my research.

Sadly I had to part with my HUD to trade for some other parts that I was missing and hard to find. Such as the PMDS that is almost brand new and a large Vought A-7D model that was used in the Paris Air Show back in the day. It is a beauty and will be on display in the Museum.

I am still in dire need of a throttle quadrant and the RHAW bow light bar. If anyone has sound samples of the RHAW warnings I would like to get a hold of them also.

The next update will have more meat and I more images I promise.

Thank you for your time to stop bye and I would love to hear from you.


PS. I have recently learned that the Greek Air Force are planning on keeping the A-7 flyable out till 2010 which is awesome news. I need to take a trip over there and sit on the end of the runway and record sound samples! Got to love the HAF!!!!!!!

HAF Tiger Corsair
Sioux Falls SD

South Dakota ANG Fighting Lobos

The 175th Fighter Squadron

Conversion to A-7D Corsair IIs began in 1977, and the 'Lobos' were to operate the 'Short Little Ugly F*****' for the next fifteen years, including combat operations in support of 'Operation Just Cause' in Panama in December 1989.

By the mid 1980s the SLUF was the mainstay of the numerous ANG Tactical Fighter Squadrons, but the end of the cold war and discovery of fatigue problems was to see a very rapid retirement of the type by the early 1990s. The 175th TFS began retiring it's D and K model A-7s in mid 1991, and commenced training on the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon at the same time. The conversion was unusual in being direct to Block 30 C/D models, whereas many Guard units initially flew A/B models in the tactical role or ADF models in the air defence role. Those '85 and '86 fiscal Falcons are still operated by the 'Lobos' in 2002, with already ten years on type and no sign of a replacement.

The "Lobos" were the sister unit to the 185th "Bats", the Sioux City IA ANG unit that my pit will be restored as.

The reality is that I have had a much better response from the South Dakota and Colorado Corsair Units then I have from my home base in Sioux City, but I am hoping this will change.

Fall 07 Project Update

Well it has been along time since my last update.

Due to my consultancy demands taking me all over the US and Canada I am hard pressed to even get a few hours alone with my Corsair. But I am very pleased with the progress so far. Below you see my front panel sitting in my pit. Currently I have disassembled it to work on the pedals, seat, and side panels.

Current Panel

Created on 10/13/2006 05:53 AM by Gecko6
Updated on 12/11/2008 09:46 AM by Gecko6
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